Next-Generation iPhone expected Monday

Apple is almost certainly going to
take the wraps off its fourth-generation iPhone Monday. This model is expected
to be a significant upgrade from the current one.

In the past, the company has been fairly
good about keeping the details of its upcoming products from leaking out before
the formal unveiling, but not this time. Virtually everything is already
known about the smartphone Steve Jobs is going to announce at Monday’s
Worldwide Developers Conference.

According to  unconfirmed
reports, this device will be called the iPhone HD, and have a touchscreen
with IPS and a resolution of 640 x 960, significantly higher than the 320
x 480 ones in all previous versions, and even higher than the 480 x 640 screens
used by many competitors. Still, the actual size of the display won’t
be much different.

It is expected to be the debut of iPhone OS 4.0,
the first version of Apple’s operating system that will allow third-party
applications to run in the background.

It will supposedly be based on an
Apple A4 processor, a 1 GHz chip also used in the new iPad. The device will
reportedly have 512 MB of RAM.

In addition to a 5 megapixel
rear-facing camera,  there is strong evidence that the next
iPhone will support iChat video conferencing
using a front-facing camera.

Several images that have leaked out
show it sporting a new, less rounded look.

The iPhone HD will almost certainly
offer other features users have come to expect, like 3G wireless networking,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a GPS receiver.

Even if Steve Jobs takes the wraps
off the next iPhone Monday, it’s not clear if this will be the actual
release date for this model. In the past, Apple has announced its smartphones
and then put them on the market later.

Many are expecting AT&T to
launch this product in mid-to-late June. Numerous unconfirmed reports
indicate that Verizon Wireless will introduce a version later in the year.

The fourth-generation iPhone is
expected to offer twice as much internal storage capacity at the same prices
at the current models: a 32 GB version will go for $200 while the 64 GB one
will sell for $300.

In addition, it’s considered likely
by many that AT&T will continue to offer the 16 GB version of the current
iPhone 3GS for $100 after the fourth-generation models are released.

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