19 tacklers under Graeme’s watch

Graeme Thomson has been named as
the 2010 head coach of the Cayman U19 team for the regional championships to be
held in Bahamas in August of this year. Graeme has travelled with the team for
the past two years as a manager and has helped with the coaching duties. The
U19 are the defending regional champions having won the title in 2008 and 2009
and finishing an unprecedented 24th in the world in 2009 having made the Junior
World Trophy finals that were held in Kenya. Graeme takes over from Director of
Rugby Richard Adams and Stephen Clark who have been working with the players
for the past four years at this age level.

DOR Grizz Adams is pleased to see
Graeme step up. ‘ It has been an excellent experience working with these young
players from Cayman for the past four years along with Steve Clark who is an
excellent coach and has done an excellent service to the youth and community of
Cayman through his coaching and development of the youth of Cayman through
Rugby, it is however time for us both to step away, Steve due to work
commitments as a leader of his school and myself to concentrate on the
continued development of the players we have worked with for the past eight to
ten years as they move onto the national senior programs. We leave Graeme with
a big pair of shoes to fill as Cayman are the current regional champions.
Graeme will inherit very few of the players that won the championships and the
timing of the tournament this year means that many of the U19 players from last
year’s championship that attend Universities in the USA will not be available
either as they have to be back to University for courses at the same time.
However while the team will undoubtedly be young it will also consist of many
of the U17 and U16 players that have performed so well in international
competition over the past two years under coaches Southway, Hayward, Philips
and Peck, so Thomson will have young talent to mould for U19 competition for
the next two to three years at this age level and all of these players already
have a few years of rugby behind them and experience at international
competition. I am sure that Graeme will perform very well in this crucial role,
he comes from a long playing history both here and an in Canada, was a former
teacher and holds IRB level 2 coaching accreditation.”

Thomson has yet to name his
assistant coach and manager but these announcements are expected soon.

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