New Apple iPhone revealed

Calling it the “biggest leap
since the original iPhone,” Apple chief exec Steve Jobs proudly unveiled
the widely expected iPhone 4, which indeed looks pretty much like the lost iPhone prototype that Gizmodo got
its hands on
a couple of months ago.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever
seen this,” Jobs joked, provoking a roar of laughter from the audience as
he showed off the now-familiar redesign of the new iPhone, complete with a front-facing camera (good
for video chat via the new “FaceTime” feature), the new rear camera
with LED flash, and a 9.3mm profile that makes the new iPhone “the thinnest smartphone on the planet,” Jobs bragged.
 The flat, stainless-steel-rimmed iPhone
4 — and yes, that’s the official name — will be available in black or white,
and it’ll go on sale 24 June Jobs said. Expect to pay $299 for the 32GB version
or $199 for the 16GB model.

Also: The iPhone 3G is being
discontinued, and the old iPhone 3GS will now sell for $99.


Close up views of the new Apple iPhone 4 are shown during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.
Photo: Yahoo News

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