President Aquino will lead Philippines

Aquino has been declared the winner of the Philippine presidential election,
after the vote count from May’s poll was finally concluded.

Aquino, commonly known as Noynoy, won a decisive victory campaigning for an end
to corruption and poverty.

is set to be inaugurated as president at the end of this month.

result was never really in doubt – an unofficial count within hours of the poll
showed that Mr Aquino had won by a landslide.

the votes had to be officially counted by parliament – a time-consuming
procedure, subject to frequent delays.

a month after the election, the final tally is now in – Mr Aquino secured more
than 15 million votes, five-and-a-half million more than his nearest rival,
former president Joseph Estrada.

a country where elections are often followed by claims of cheating and vote
rigging, with no obvious winner, this was a clear, decisive victory.

not everything has gone well for Mr Aquino.

choice for vice president, Mar Roxas, lost out in a close battle with Mr
Estrada’s running mate Jejomar Binay, the major of Manila’s business district.

Mr Aquino will also face some tough challengers in the Philippine Congress,
including the woman he is replacing as president, Gloria Arroyo.

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