Peter Dixon a Bracker with stage presence

arriving to live on or visit Grand Cayman in recent times will have seen the
Island bustling with the signs of prosperity heightened by the trappings of

arrivals can only imagine how residents have gained from the time that the
country was known as “the Islands that Time Forgot”, but wait – before they
conclude their assessment, they should go to Cayman Brac, to realise how much
Grand Cayman has lost. Oh if only it could have accessed all the delicacies of
life yet stayed in touch with life!

Cayman Airways little twin engine that I was imagining was my own private jet,
touched down gently on the tarmac at Cayman Brac’s Gerrard Smith International
Airport. It was a short 35-minute ride from the island that time has now caught
up with, to its little sister island that seems suspended in a time warp,
enveloping the traveller immediately in its quaint laid back charm and exuding
such innocence that it made one feel as if this was where creation had begun.

the little Cessna touched down, I felt convinced that this must have been where
God breathed the breath of life into man. I looked around to see if I could
catch a glimpse of the Creator – I saw Him everywhere and felt Him in the
soothing wind that kissed my cheek.

the soles of my feet touched the ground, I called up a friend who introduced me
to a gentleman who sets many a Brac night to music. If you are a regular
visitor to Brac Reef Resort or La Esperanza you would have guessed who my
feature is about, as he is much talked about – the talented Peter Dixon.

Dixon, a born and bred Bracker, started to sing at one of the two places that
most of us started – at church or in the shower. He started singing in the
shower. Later on, his music teacher, Mr. Eddie Scott, recognised the
youngster’s vocal abilities. Others also began to get wind of him and became
the wind beneath his wings as they encouraged him.

1989, he so impressed the Wild Fire Band, with his rendition of Timmy T’s One
More Try, that they gave him his first taste of local stardom.

1992 he went on to sing for the New Age Band. Finally in 2007, he hooked up
with his present band, Sea Level.

not fully-fledged stardom, every artiste craves that defining moment when they
can say, I did it. Mr. Dixon’s moment came during his time with New Age Band.
They were invited to perform at an annual Batabano show, to share the stage
with Jamaican singer Pluto Shervington. He remembers that his repertoire was so
appreciated that he had to change shirts between performances as the girls were
insistent on ripping them off. You the man, Peter Bracker!

the years, he has done live recordings with his bands. He is now being pressed
to record a solo single. My suggestion is to write a wicked tune that tells of
the sweet life on the Brac and see if you can help us get Grand Cayman back!

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