Locals prepare for Caribbean Amateurs in Barbados

June is a busy period in sports
with so many developments on-island. As the month reaches its mid-way point one
of the overlooked aspects is the progress of the national golf team.

A select group of golfers are
making their final swings ahead of the Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships in
Barbados 27 June-4 July. The team, decided during the 18th annual Cayman
Islands Amateur Championship in April, will consist of 14 golfers, two reserves
and two coaches.

The names of the golfers (and the
segment of the Caribbean competition they
compete in) are as follows:

Hoerman Cup – Joel Dodson (Amateur
champion), Michael Wight, Matthew Wight, Jason Perras and Johnny Widmer.

Ramon Baez trophy (Mid-Amateur) –
Colin Mackay and Trent Riggins.

Francis and Steele-Perkins (Senior)
– Tracy Moore and George Christie.

Higgs and Higgs (Super Senior) –
Robert Chilman and Tom Crawford.

George Teale trophy (Ladies) –
Samantha Widmer (Amateur champion), Siobhan Ribbins and Isabel Lawson.

Alternates: Paul Woodhouse (men)
and Emily Ribbins (ladies). The team manager is Bob Slatter.

All are training twice a week at
the 18-hole North Sound Golf Club under the club’s director of golf and
national head coach Kevin Mumford. The head coach of the team last year,
Mumford spoke about the squad’s current make-up.

“Isabel is a first-time competitor
and has a good camaraderie with Samantha and hopefully they can feed off each
other,” Mumford said. “Other than that the team selected is almost exactly the
same as last year. For example Colin and Trent played well together in the
Mid-Am and they should have the fire in their bellies to come out and do well
this time. George and Tracy should also do much better this time around.

“I’m most excited about our new
super senior team of Tom and Robert (who reached the required age to play in
this section). Before my time on the island they paired together in the senior
division and won it. They have an incredible chance of winning again.

“Tom is very excited about it
because Robert is one of our most experienced players and has proven himself in
just about all levels of golf over the years. Due to an accident hurting his
shoulder Robert didn’t play in Turks and Caicos last year. So he’s ready to
play and determined to have a good showing.”

Last year the Cayman team struggled
at the Provo
course in Turks and Caicos. This month the side gets another challenge in the
form of the Royal Westmoreland golf course in Barbados. Mumford states he intends
to have the team ready for the elevation changes and nuisances of the fairways
and greens.

“The Royal Westmoreland is an
incredible old-style golf course that I feel is perfect for the tournament,”
Mumford said. “It has different elevation changes and it can be a tough course
without being unfair. We got roughly two weeks to get ready and we have the
ability to do well on the course.” 

Once the Barbados
tournament wraps up the next major overseas competition will focus on the youth
in the form of the Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championship in the Bahamas 3-8


The Royal Westmoreland course will be interesting.
Photo: File

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