Letters to the Editor: Help government with buildings

Since government does not seem to
have a good plan let us all help them like back in the old time days when we
would help our neighbours out to build a house.

Let us all pitch in, in whatever
way we can. All construction workers should give a bit of their time.
Construction companies, electrical companies and all other companies on these
Islands – all Caymanians – should get involved.

And all outsiders should lend a
helping hand. After all these schools are for our children, so let us step up
to the plate and help ourselves out of this mess.

Dedicate your time, labour, wisdom,
material and love for Cayman and help finish our schools and Government
Building and any other projects our Islands and people need. Yes, we can.

Emile S. Levy


  1. Perhaps Emile Levy should open their eyes when driving up and down Elgin Avenue enough to let them see that the "Government Building "is coming along nicely and needs no help whatsoever from the public ,the dedicated workers and staff of this project have done a wonderful job and on schedule and budget,perhaps Emile would like to just carry on and build the schools their self and then see the extra mess the country would be in ,look around and be aware of your facts before writing utter nonsense like this and maybe if there were not so many people lining their own pockets and situations like the theft of the gas at the Government gas terminal,which has costs thousands but sadley will never be looked into or charges brought against the guilty ,as long as things like this are allowed to happen CAYMAN will stay in this dreadful mess!

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