RBC Blue Water Day

RBC Royal Bank of Canada staff wore
blue attire on 11 June, to celebrate the Blue Water Project, a 10-year, $50
million global commitment to protecting this essential natural resource.

The goal was to raise awareness
about the importance of clean, fresh water around the world by creating a
“human ‘sea of blue’, said RBC’s Gordon Crawford.

RBC’s Blue Water Project was
initiated in 2007 in recognition that water is the lifeblood of our planet.
Since then, RBC has committed more than $20 million to more than 200 organizations

RBC has established the Blue Water
Project with two primary focus areas: 
providing watershed protection and safe drinking water.

RBC Royal Bank of Canada is
challenging organizations across the Caribbean to submit applications for RBC
Blue Water Community Action Grants at http://bluewater.rbc.com/.

RBC recently celebrated the work of
six recent grant recipients in the April issue of National Geographic magazine,
an issue entirely dedicated to water. RBC also sponsors National Geographic’s
fresh water portal, a website that provides a wealth of information about
water, plus fun activities and games for kids.

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