Sunscreens recommended

Reports’ recent tests of 12 products found four that protect a shade better
than the rest.

are Up & Up Sport Continuous SPF 30 from Target; Walgreens Sport Continuous
SPF 50; Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous SPF 30; and Aveeno Continuous
Protection SPF 50.

products provided very good ultraviolet A radiation protection and excellent
ultraviolet B protection, and met their SPF claim even after treated skin was
soaked in water for 80 minutes.

and UVB can both cause sunburn, skin damage and certain skin cancers. UVA can
also cause wrinkles. There is no protection factor for UVA radiation on labels,
although the Food and Drug Administration has proposed a system of one to four

is a measure of UVB sun protection; put simply, if your skin normally turns red
in 10 minutes, then using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 could lengthen that
time to 300 minutes.

performed by Consumer Reports’ trained sensory panellists also evaluated how
the sunscreens smelled, felt and absorbed into the skin.

of the top four sunscreens had a slight or moderately intense floral or citrus
scent and left little residue on skin.

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