Tourism professionals tour Cayman

agents, wholesalers, tour operators and other professionals have begun to visit
Cayman to check out the facilities under a scheme run by the Department of Tourism.

familiarisation scheme is an annual event, said Acting Director of Tourism
Shomari Scott.

season typically runs from April to October. Groups usually consist of 12 to 15
participants and trips are usually last four to six days.

schemes give the participants the opportunity to experience first-hand the
product offerings of the Islands and provide them with invaluable insights into
selling the Cayman Islands,” he said,


seminars are hosted in order to give attendees an overview of Cayman as well as
give industry partners not featured on the groups’ itinerary an opportunity to
meet and network with travel professionals, he said.

Department of Tourism partners with industry partners to provide these trips
and welcome seminars. Partnership with the various aspects of the Tourism
industry is welcomed and encouraged to provide a diverse experience for the
groups,” he said.

Earlier this month,
the Cayman Islands Tourism Association – a private sector group representing
200 businesses – hosted the Cayman Islands Tourism Exchange in conjunction with
the Department of Tourism. There, wholesalers got together to meet local
businesses, inspect new facilities and speak with representatives of hotels,
restaurants and other attractions.

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