Ziggy salutes African World Cup

Grammy-winning reggae artist Ziggy
Marley has composed a song in to mark the historical World Cup celebrations in
South Africa.

Africa Land is the title of the
track that is now available for free at ziggymarley.com.

During a telephone interview with
the Caymanian Compass, Mr. Marley explained that the song is part of a series
of singles called the Wild and Free collection, which will be released each
year and offered free of charge.

“This particular song was done to
try to represent not just reggae but a culture and philosophy that is intent on
recognising what we can use the World Cup for. It is history and it is good for
the continent in general, so we have to see how Africa can use the games, in
addition to how the games will use Africa.”

The musician added that it was
important for the rest of the world to take responsibility for what happened in
Africa, as it is so vital to the entire earth’s population. He said it was also
important to take the message of African Unity to the youth there.

“A lot of people hear of the term
African unity and think that it is just a thing that is said for effect. They
don’t take it seriously but what the people there need our help in realizing is
that there is no solution to the problems they face if there is no unity among
the people there. At the moment there is no centralised message and they do not
understand that their unification will be the beginning of their healing.

“What we want to do is bring some
legitimacy to the whole debate of African unity and make it make sense. The
solution must start with unity,” he remarked.

The artist said he had not been to
Africa very often but was making an effort to begin engaging the people there
more earnestly.

He said he was interested in
performing at the World Cup but admitted it was difficult, even with the clout
that his Tuff Gong label has, to get corporations to accept that they do not
always know what people want and when and how they want it.

This is a part of our struggle
now-a-days, but it is one that we are prepared for because this kind of
struggle is generally good for your soul.    

Mr. Marley is heading to South
Africa to see if he will be able to perform, even though he is not officially a
part of the celebrations. Although though he has had no support or endorsement
from FIFA, he said, “We will take up our positions and the corporations take up

The artist added that he is working
on another studio album and hopes to go on a major world tour next year.


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