School lunch programme benefits from donation

Prospect Primary School has
received a $2,000 boost to its lunch programme for underprivileged students.

Minister of Community Affairs and
Housing Mike Adam and Ellio Solomon said that although it is near the end of
the school year, the United Democratic Party’s George Town committee has chosen
to donate because there are still so many students in need at this time of

Any money that is not used for the
lunch programme this term will go toward the 2010-2011 school year, which
starts in September. 

Prospect Primary School Principal
Gloria Bell said the school was thankful for the donation.

“We appreciate this kind donation
from the UDP GT Committee. It can be used for a well deserved cause for many of
our students,” she said.

Mr. Adam and Mr. Solomon said that
during these challenging economic times, more families were struggling to put
food on the table.

“We have an obligation to connect
children with nutritional programs and to ensure they don’t go hungry during
the school-year,” the pair noted.

The committee feels strongly about
ensuring that all children have the healthy meals they need and would like to
commit to providing assistance wherever they can. 

“We would like to see this as a
start for encouraging other businesses and individuals in the community to
follow suit and donate to the schools, as there are many students in need of
not only lunches but uniforms and school supplies,” said Stefan Baraud, committee

“The committee plans to work more
closely with the schools in the George Town area to understand their needs and
how best to assist them,” he said.

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