Cruise visitor kept behind for ganja

Court appearance next day

Cruise ship passenger Stephon West
of Louisville, Kentucky, appeared in Summary Court on Thursday, about 23 hours
after his ship had left Grand Cayman.

West, 29, pleaded guilty to
possession of 24 grams of ganja, or 0.85 of an ounce.

“I really didn’t realise the
seriousness of it,” he told Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale. “I wasn’t
using my head.”

According to a summary of facts
provided to the court, Customs seaport officers were monitoring passengers
returning to the Carnival Freedom on Wednesday, 16 June. Around 2pm, they
selected a male passenger to examine. He was West. As they began to escort him
to an interview room, they observed him hand something to another passenger.
The “something” was retrieved and found to be packaged vegetable matter. West
accepted responsibility for it.

In court, he explained that he had
been on vacation with family members and he told them to go ahead without him
because he didn’t want to ruin their vacation.

“But you did ruin it because they
wanted to spend it with you,” the magistrate replied.

She fined him $750 and ordered that
he pay $150 in court costs and $82.50 for analysis of the drug.

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