Tips for home alone teens

the long summer holidays fast approaching, and many parents in full-time work,
here are some tips parents should give to home alone younger teenagers:

check with your parents or a trusted adult in charge before you go anywhere or
do anything.

who have cell phones should have all important numbers saved in them, including
those of their parents and emergency numbers.

home alone, keep the door locked and do not open it or talk to anyone who stops
by unless the person is a trusted family friend or relative, and the visit has
been approved by your parents. Never tell anyone who calls that you’re home by
yourself. Let your parents arrange to have a neighbour or trusted adult you can
call if you are scared or uncomfortable or if there’s an emergency.

enter a public restroom by yourself. That means fast food restaurants, malls,
movie theatres or even grocery stores.

going to a mall, movie or any other outing, take a friend and always let your
parents know where you are going, including the route you are taking and when
you will return.

get into a vehicle or go near a vehicle with anyone in it unless you are with
your parents or a trusted adult. Never accept a ride with anyone unless your
parents have approved.

be afraid to say no and to get away from any situation that makes you scared or
uncomfortable. Feel comfortable calling the police if you need to.

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