Understanding your aging body

the popularity of movies like Sex and the City and the revival of the
50-year-old fashionista, baby-boomer women are approaching aging with
confidence and style. While this age group is growing increasingly vocal, there
are still some things that many aging women do not feel comfortable talking
about. Some women will not broach certain health concerns with their doctors,
let alone with their girlfriends. As a result, they suffer through manageable
health issues in silence.

is important for women to be direct with their doctors when talking about all
health issues, even those that may embarrass them.

Talk about it

may be embarrassed by a change in your body, but when you talk about it with a
friend, family member or doctor, you can find helpful ways to deal with it. You
may even be able to provide helpful advice to others experiencing the same
thing. Facing your health condition head-on and learning how to manage it will
help you to move on and live your best life.

Educate yourself

about the kinds of changes you can expect as you age and take some preventative
measures to help you avoid or lessen the symptoms of some of them. There are a
lot of great sources online where you can learn from experts, as well as others
who have first-hand knowledge of the issues. Information is the best tool you
can have as your own health advocate.

Learn about your options

are a lot of options available to help you manage and prevent certain
conditions and ailments. Talk with your doctor to find out what supplements or
products might be right to help you manage symptoms of aging.

Common health problems

of health problems associated with aging are extremely common, such as loss of
bladder control, increased constipation, and high blood pressure. All of these
health conditions can be managed with the proper instruction from a doctor.

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