Editorial for June 22: Pines builds on future

Congratulations to the staff and
board of the Pines Retirement Home for the recent groundbreaking of the first
phase of their new building.

Many individuals, businesses and
organisations and the government have pitched in to help make this first phase
a reality by helping Pines raise $3 million.

To all who helped with making this
first phase a reality, thank you.

The Pines is a much needed and
respected facility in the Cayman Islands.

It is there that many of our
elderly residents live out their last days in comfort and care.

Many of the people who either live
at the Pines or take part in the facility’s day care did much to help mould and
make the country we now enjoy living in.

It’s hoped that this first phase
will be completed by October.

Then there’s the second phase to

For the entire project to become a
reality an additional $3.5 million is needed.

It is hoped that even more
businesses, individuals and organisations will rally around the Pines Retirement
Home and ensure that this money is raised.

Government has already pledged its
support and acknowledges its role to ensure that the elderly live out a quiet
and comfortable life.

The Pines is a non-governmental,
not-for-profit organisation that relies heavily on public support. That’s why
it is so important for all of us to dig a little bit deeper in our pockets to
ensure this project is completed.

Yes, we are living in economically
difficult times and the demands on our money are immense.

But we owe it to the clients of the
Pines and the faithful staff that oversee their care each and every day.

And while money to finish the
project is vitally important, the Pines also needs members of the community to
visit the home to give residents company and support.

The Pines isn’t there just for
today’s clients. The new project ensures that it will be there for the future.
Any investment we make in the Pines today could be of our benefit in the
future. Just about all of us are going to get old.

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