Class project boosts CAYS

in the Leadership Cayman programme recently used a class project to help
at-risk youth, giving the Bonaventure Boys’ Home a welcome sprucing up.

Chamber of Commerce programme is designed to develop and enhance leadership
skills by providing the means for men and women from diverse backgrounds to assume
active roles in meeting community needs. ,

of the cornerstone activities for Leadership Cayman is a class project, a
charity based activity that can be accomplished in just one day. This year’s
class agreed on a project for the CAYS Foundation, a charity that provides
residential care for at-risk youth. On the appointed day, Shayne Howe of
Phoenix Construction, Jim O’Neill, James Tibbetts, Natalie Urquhart, Ben
Webster, Bradley Watts, Ghislaine Lewis, Jeff Brandes, Stuart Bostock, Madhavi
Mathura, Joanne Diaz-Berry, Najah Lewis-Brown, Pat Bell, Sheridan Robinson,
Simon Garnett, Sandy Cram, Stacey VanDevelde, Lydia Warren and  painted the interior of the Bonaventure Boys
Home, replaced doors, and power-washed the exterior. Mrs. Urquhart is also
planning to add some decorative murals with help from local artists. 

project was a tremendous success,” said Mr. Pineau. “Everyone involved took
great satisfaction that we were able to make such a significant difference to
the living environment of these children.”

Sealy, CEO of the CAYS Foundation, said the home’s residents appreciated the
group’s efforts, which also included gifts of furniture and treating the
residents to an evening at the cinema. 

group’s generous commitment has set a wonderful example and demonstrates the
power of individuals to affect remarkable change,” she said.

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