Honduras star Georgie Welcome has Cayman link

It is no secret that a lot of
Caymanians are watching the World Cup and rooting for the Honduras team.
Apparently Cayman has more than a casual link to Los Catrachos.

Striker Georgie Welcome has family
in Cayman in the form of Hardie Welcome. Hardie, 55, has been a resident of
East End for over 40 years after originally coming from Honduras in 1969.

Hardie explained the relationship
with the Honduras player, who was reportedly born and raised in Roatan (a
Cayman strong-hold).

“I’m his cousin, he’s my second
cousin actually as he is the son of my first cousin,” Welcome said. “My
grandfather and my first cousin’s father are two brothers. I was born in
Honduras and my grand-parents were originally from East End. My father brought
me here when I was a boy and I went to school and grew
up here.”

Georgie, 25, is playing for a
Honduras team that has its back against the proverbial wall. The side dropped
its first game 1-0 to Chile last Wednesday before losing to Spain on Monday
2-0. Against the Spaniards Welcome came on as a second-half substitute and
nearly scored on a glancing header off a set piece. In spite of the missed
chance Hardie maintains admiration for his cousin.

“I feel proud of Georgie to see him
there at the World Cup. It’s a great achievement to be on the team and make it
to that level. As far as that play goes, if he got to the ball one inch more he
would have scored. If that happened I’m convinced it would make his world and
open doors for him in Europe.

“I’m proud of Cayman and its
support of Honduras. I think people should honour Georgie’s link to Cayman
because it shows how far we’ve come. Years ago our ancestors went to the Bay
Islands. Just like with the Cubans and their connection to Cayman, we go way
back. Cayman went through a lot of stuff years ago and many people went down
that side.”

La Bicolor play their last game on
Friday 25 June needing a miracle to advance to the round of 16. The side would
need to beat Switzerland by a number of goals and hope Chile thrashes Spain in
order to advance. Whether or not that happens Hardie is not impressed with his
home country’s performance.

“I support Honduras but I feel they
could have done better,” Welcome said. “I don’t know what the coach is doing.
When we went to the World Cup in 1982 we did better. I know Honduras is a young
team in the World Cup and they did a lot of fighting to get there. I didn’t
think Honduras would win (Brazil is actually my team outside of Honduras) but I
did think they would do better. Georgie and some of the other guys could have
scored a goal and as a result get a chance to play in Europe.

“Outside of Georgie I don’t have a
favourite player. Though I must say David Villa did score two good goals.”

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