Daigle tactics

FAST Defense originator Bob Daigle
is slated to head up to Boston
shortly ahead of UFC 118 in August. There he will re-connect with Kenny Florian
and Peter Welch who were in Cayman this month leading MMA seminars. The Boston native states he is doing his part to make Cayman
the premier fight destination in the Caribbean.

“I have been invited to train in Boston this summer at Kenny’s School as well as Peter
Welch’s F-15 training facility in South Boston,”
Daigle said. “One of the goals of the trip is to meet all the top trainers and
put together a comprehensive training program for MMA athletes in the Cayman Islands.

“The other goal is to build
relationships with sanctioning bodies and to promote the Cayman
Islands as a “sports tourism” destination. I look forward to
working with the Department of Tourism in showing the world through MMA the
beauty and financial viability of the Cayman Islands.”

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