Day in the Life III helps make art more accessible

A Day in the Life III art group
exhibition enjoyed a successful stint following a two-week residency by local
artists Gordon Solomon, Avril Ward and Renate Seffer at the National Gallery.
Each artist-in-residence was asked to “emerge into the public eye from their
studios and open themselves up to visitors’ questions and critiques on their

The result was a self-curated show
of almost 50 pieces, which were either created or finished on site.

Ms Ward described the 10-day
residency as “a blank cheque” and a novel way to “come out of the confines of
her George Town studio and have others to bounce ideas off.”

Saying the exercise was one she
would be happy to “repeat in a heartbeat,” the South African enjoyed “working
in the gallery environment and particularly “loved having the school groups
around and questioning me about my work”. The artist said the most challenging
aspect of the stint was “just the exhaustion I felt at the end of each day
which was due to talking.

“I usually work completely isolated
and don’t have to verbalise”. 

Artwork in the exhibition ranged
from oil and acrylic paintings to sculptures and T-shirt designs.

Ms Seffer’s work was collectively
titled Wanderlust; Mr. Solomon’s was called Kingdom of Heaven; and Avril Ward’s
pieces were titled Heart and Soul.

The Gallery’s director, Natalie
Urquhart, said: “Through the A Day in the Life residency programme and
exhibition, the NGCI has continued to build rapport with local artists on the
island. With this programme and exhibit, it is [our] intention to continue to
promote art awareness and the vast potential of the arts in the Cayman Islands.

“The exhibition has also helped the
organisation re-fashion the expectations of young students and artists from the
impressions there is a definite procedure involved in creating art to
understanding art is complete self-expression.”

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