Former Miss Teen Caymans

the next Miss Teen pageant being held in late August, the Weekender decided to
look at how winning the title changed the lives of four winners.


Schwanna McCarthy – 2000-01

impact has being Miss Teen had on your life?

enough, my time as Miss Teen 2000-2001 taught me that the most beautiful part
of a woman is what lies on the inside.

advice would you give to future contestants?

the experience. Look forward to the outcome of the event but enjoy the process.
To the contestant who does not win; be gracious and to the winner; be humble.

are you doing now (personally and professionally)?

am currently working as an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County, State
of Texas. I currently handle a crimes portfolio. I really enjoy what I do and I
am getting some great trial experience.

still take dance classes and perform whenever possible. Recently, I had the
opportunity to open for Ballet Magnificat! with my dance partner Darrell
Cleveland in Grand Cayman.

Cindy Braggs – 1994-95

impact has being Miss Teen had on your life?

Miss Teen gave me the opportunity to be a recognised figure in the community
and allowed me to be influential in promoting good causes such as CASA’s Youth
2 Youth programme. In addition, by broadening my horizons, it gave me the
inspiration, confidence and means to pursue my education overseas, obtaining a
bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.

advice would you give to future contestants?

pageant is about experiencing the camaraderie and about the relationships you
make during the process much more than winning, so my advice to future
contestants is ‘Be yourself and have fun!’

are you doing now?

am currently working as the HR Manager at Cayman Distributors Group. I recently
obtained my master’s degree in human resource management and will attend my
graduation in the UK next month. Last year I started a small family business,
an event planning company.

Donna Bush – 1984-85

impact has being Miss Teen had on your life?

Miss Teen has had a great impact on my life. The experience taught me to always
believe in myself, to help others along the way and that if determined enough
my dreams can become reality.

advice would you give to future contestants?

are a winner no matter what, so always believe and think of yourself as a
winner. You will lose nothing by entering this pageant, you can only gain.

are you doing now, personally and professionally?

am busy being a mother to my three children. My grown son Brandon lives and
works in Florida, and my daughters Hailee and Britni are in school. Much of my
time is also spent at work at Cayman 27, helping to educate the public about
what’s happening in our communities daily.

won the pageant in 1984 and it was the first time a small stage at the Lions
Centre was used before the big expansion. My, how things have changed! I
competed against 12 other young ladies and won three of the six prizes, Miss
Teen, Miss Personality and Miss Best Legs.

Glennis Smith – 1978-79

impact has being Miss Teen had on your life?

Miss Teen helped me to develop self-esteem and confidence but still remain

advice would you give to future contestants?

advice to future contestants is to be yourself and be happy. Allow this
experience to be a positive influence for you – no matter the outcome.

order to win, you must expect to win.” 
Belief has the power to transcend all hurdles, real and imaginary.

are you doing now personally and professionally

had a banking career for the last 30 years. I love sports and have been
involved in Scholars Football Club for the past few years, also as a player on
the ladies team.

also an active organising member of Tony’s Toys Watercraft Racing, together
with my husband.

a career, staying active and trying to be a good role model for my daughter has
been both rewarding and challenging.

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