Some post offices may be closed on Saturdays

post offices in Cayman may close on Saturdays as part of the government’s
cost-cutting measures, legislators were told Tuesday.

of District Administration, Works, and Gender Affairs Juliana
O’Connor-Connolly, in response to a question from independent Member of the
Legislative Assembly Ezzard Miller, said Cabinet would consider closing post
offices at weekends.

Miller asked if a decision had been taken to close district post offices on
Saturdays. “I don’t think the revenue we are collecting in North Side, for instance,
will come even close to the air-conditioning costs to keep it open,” he said.

O’Connor-Connolly said demand for Saturday services in post offices varies
across districts and that papers were being drawn up so the matter could be
considered by Cabinet.

asked if Mr. Miller would support, on record, the closure of the North Side
post office on Saturdays.

people work during the day and Saturday mornings are the only time some of them
will have to go to the post office. I’m not saying that I’ll keep all of them
open because it may not be necessary, but maybe the main post offices, so we
could perhaps have a half day or a couple of hours on a Saturday. It is under
active consideration,” she said.

minister, speaking in Finance Committee, also revealed that there had been
discussions to possibly close the tiny Gun Bay post office, but those plans had
been shelved.

to a question from the Member of the Legislative Assembly for East End, Arden
McLean, Ms O’Connor-Connolly said there currently are no plans to close the
post office.

said she had preliminary discussions with Mr. McLean to get his input as the
district representative on whether to close the quaint post office. “A decision
was taken that, despite the dire financial straits we find ourselves in, [these
were] services that both Old Man Bay and East End deserved, and I gave a
directive that they were going to remain,” she said.

2006 post offices across Cayman have been open from 9am to 12.30pm on
Saturdays. In a survey conducted by the postal service in 2006, the majority of
respondents said they wanted Saturday hours for post offices.

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