Cayman music school celebrates

Cayman Music School students were
honoured at an awards ceremony and concert at the Grand Pavilion on Sunday, 20
June for their exceptional performance in the London Trinity College graded
music examinations for instrumental solos and music theory, and also for the 17
gold and six silver awards they won recently at the National Children’s
Festival of the Arts.

In the London Trinity exams, 92 per
cent of the Cayman Music School students passed with distinction or merits.

The ceremony’s MC’s, Christina
Thevasaeyan and Abinesh David, cited the “great” accomplishments of the school,
now in its second year.

In addition to singling out
students with high achievements in performance, outstanding effort and general
accomplishments in Cayman Music School courses, Sheline Chandi and Max Kasakov
were honoured for reaching the finals of the Young Musician of the Year 2010

Also, Gabrielle Scott received a
full one-year Magic Voice scholarship, worth $1,200.

Audience members at the ceremony
were treated to performances by students, ranging from classical to jazz, pop
and rock renditions on piano and guitar, and in some vocal performances.

Student compositions, notated by
the students using their computer music programmes, were also featured.

Sheline Chand on piano, Sai Ghunhan
on drums, Jonathon Kjaerbo on guitar, and the Cayman Music School Jazz Band,
which ended the concert segment of the evening with a challenging piece titled
Unsquare Dance, received standing ovations.

The Cayman Music School, off
Godfrey Nixxon Way, helps to pave the way in developing youth for all aspects
of music and performing, its instructors said.

“The idea behind the institution is
to provide a comprehensive music education that will allow students from the
school to be able to contribute and or adapt in just about any musical
situation,” said instructor Inna Kazakova.

She pointed out that the school
offers its students the tools to have a career in music, and offers courses
piano, violin, guitar, flute and drums.

“We provide our students with a
complete performance experience, in addition to organized concepts of music
theory, history and technology,” she said.

Instrumental and vocal music theory
classes are offered at the school twice a week at no charge. These include ear
training, music theory, music appreciation and composition.

Ms Kazakova noted that these
courses are basic requirements for being able to progress in and master the other
subjects offered at Cayman Music School. She said this elementary foundation
would ease the students’ transition to becoming well-rounded professional

Ms Kazakova also discussed the
scholarship programme and the thinking behind it: “Because another goal of the
school is to discover talent and develop the potential of pupils, a scholarship
programme has been organised, which will aid those who show special abilities
in a certain area.

“It is often easier to spot these
abilities in an individual who has a great voice than someone who might be a
gifted guitarist, as the guitarist would need to do quite a bit more to master
his/her instrument and exhibit special aptitude, whereas a singer’s instrument
is his voice and the talent is much more natural and easy to identify. This is
the reason the scholarship is given in the area of singing.”

Starting in September, Cayman Music
School will introduce children to the Suzuki piano method, which puts emphasis
on an early beginning, parental participation and note learning. Children look,
listen and imitate as part of the course.

There are also regular private
lessons and periodic group lessons, where children as young as three are
accepted without any preselection and introduced to music one step at a time.

“It is a highly individualistic
method, in that no child proceeds to the next step until the previous one has
been fully mastered, no matter how long it takes,” said Ms Kazakova.

Students with the highest
achievements during the term are entitled to enrol in complimentary music camp
program in December and April, according to the school’s website.

Cayman Music School is open from
2pm to 8pm Monday through Friday and from 8am to 5pm Saturday.

For more information,
e-mail: [email protected]     

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