Police seize illegal shotgun, AK47

Police seized a shotgun and an
AK47, along with a magazine for the weapon, last week in operations in East End
and Lower Valley.

On Sunday, 20 June, the unlicensed
shotgun was recovered from a house in the East End area.

A man and a woman were arrested.

Wednesday 23 June, an intelligence
led operation resulted in the recovery of an AK47 and a magazine for the gun
from an outbuilding in the Lower Valley area. No arrests had been made in
relation to that operation and police enquiries are ongoing.

“The recovery of these guns
underlines our commitment to continue to get unlicensed and illegal weapons off
the streets,” said Chief Superintendent John Jones. “The amnesty was a golden
opportunity for people to hand in guns – no questions asked. At the end of the
amnesty we said that we would be taking a hard line with people who still owned
unlicensed and illegal guns – the operations over the past few days proves that
we’re doing just that!

“As has been reported previously, we
suspect that an AK47 has been used in some of the gun crime on the islands in
recent months. We are carrying out forensic testing on it to establish if this
is, in fact, the weapon used in these previous crimes.

“We’re delighted that we’ve taken
this weapon out of circulation – there’s no way to quantify how many lives have
been saved now that the gun is off the streets.

“The bounty announced by the RCIPS
and Cayman Crime Stoppers at the conclusion of the amnesty still stands. Up to
$5,000 is available for information leading to the arrest and conviction of
people who hold unlicensed and illegal guns. So, if you have any information at
all either about those who hold guns, or about the location of the guns, then
please pass it on to us now. Your phone call could save a life.”

Information can be passed to the police or to Cayman Crime Stoppers
on 800-8477 (TIPS).


A seized illegal AK47.
Photo: Submitted


  1. I read with a high degree of shock and disbelief that the police actually seized an illegal AK47 gun with a magazine. It defies logic, reason and imagination. This type of deadly weapon is by no means close to either a revolver, hand gun or even a pistol that some how could slip by undetected into this small island.
    An AK47 is an extremely powerful and deadly rifle that is known in some circles as the weapon of choice for heartless terrorists whose sole intent is to take as many human lives as possible. It therefore begs the question, how in the world could this happen in Cayman?

    The recovery of this weapon reveals what we already know that crime is a real problem in Cayman. We can only hope that interrogation of the man and woman arrested will be forthcoming with crucial and vital information about this most deadly firearm which was in their possession. That information could also lead to other arrests and possibly the recovery of more illegal and unlicensed firearms.

    Police operations in the East End and Lower Valley areas certainly paid off big time, and we commend law enforcement personnel for their ongoing efforts in these operations.


  2. Mate,

    Absolutely no disrespect intended to your comments and sentiments; no doubt, they’re correct in their essence but…

    You really need to read more carefully what you’re commenting on.

    The man and woman arrested is in relation to the shotgun…

    There has been no arrest in relation to the AK47; the two incidents are completely seperate.

    Hopefully the RCIPS can really begin to get to grips with the illegal guns that are on the streets in Cayman.

    And hopefully, they will find the owner of this AK47; if ever there is a terrorist’s weapon, this one is acknowledged the world over to be it.

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