Letters to the Editor: A request for Privy Council

I wish to bring to light a
situation that has been brewing for some time now.

For many years now I have been
attempting to have my case heard before the Privy Council. My initial trial
case, in the Cayman Islands, had, in my opinion, defects/defaults ranging from
questionable Crown witnesses to the fact that the judge gave an instruction to
the jury stating they had not witnesses to support a guilty verdict; yet they
still returned a guilty verdict.

While we may be incarcerated for
crimes committed, there are some of us who are innocent but incorrectly accused
and sentenced and there are those of us who have paid back our dues to the
society, done our time in prison and are entitled to human rights as all other
humans. There are entities, committees and offices established by Government,
and in some cases, Her Majesty the Queen, whose duties are to ensure that the
rights and the wellbeing of all humans are protected; that justice is
administered fairly and justly and that procedures are followed.

I have sought help and information
from all of the relevant government agencies in the Cayman Islands, like those
mentioned above, but to no avail. In addition to the aforementioned, I would
like to now have my case heard before the Privy Council; however, the main
reason given as to why I cannot move forward with my case heard at that level
is that my case file cannot be found. The case file in question would have records
of the defects/defaults previously mentioned and would also prove that my
concerns are indeed justifiable (maybe this is the reason it has mysteriously
disappeared). This is an incredulous excuse and it can only be assumed that
every effort is being made to ensure that any progress, on my behalf, is not

Thus far I have encountered total
obstacles and stumbling blocks, which is very disheartening and makes me lose
faith in the system. I have no one or nowhere else to turn but to your news
outlet, hoping that bringing the situation to the public may help it progression
in some way.

William G. Powell

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