Gifted students tap potential

and nurturing gifted students while, at the same time involving other students
in a cohesive work plan is reaping dividends at Triple C School.

grade teacher Marty Minton has achieved a winning formula in bringing out the
best in a mixed-ability group at the George Town school. The educator has taken
the skills acquired as a teacher of gifted and talented classes in Indiana and
used them with her Cayman students.

15 years’ experience in her home state taught her that her brightest grade-four
students could do better.

Minton instinctively knew who those students were. Her next step was to face
the challenge of integrating a number of different pedagogic styles and levels
into the classroom.

by the work ahead, she devised special approaches for the gifted and talented
students while still helping the other students to meet their potential.

by her successes, the teacher set up an after-school gifted and talented
Enrichment Programme for grades two to five.

identifying ideal candidates, she began with activities to challenge and
stimulate the students.

the next academic year, there are plans to include grades four to six during
school hours, and incorporate more instructional time for each participant.

school is now hoping to develop a special plan for gifted and talented students
in grades 4 – 6.

 “They [gifted and talented students] are everywhere,
and they are here. I had to do something about it” said Mrs. Minton.

impressed parent is Daphne Thompson: “I am glad that my daughter is involved in
this programme. It is one thing to see the gifts and talents your child has and
want to nurture it, but it is just as encouraging to have teachers identify it
as well and work along with you.

programme like this is needed in every school.”

For more information, call Triple C
School, at 949-6022.

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