Letters to the Editor: All should help stop crime

I am writing in regard to our
beautiful Cayman Islands, which seem to be going in the opposite direction at a
very fast pace.

I am very concerned about the
delinquent youths of our Islands. The parents of these children need help

The Social Services Department, the
social groups, the lawmakers and local businesses – none of these are
intervening and helping the parents of these youths.

Are we just going to leave them
alone and let them become members of gangs or form gangs and live their lives
on the streets where they can hurt others with their idle hands or get hurt themselves?
There has got to be something that can be done to stop this.

For the safety of everyone, these
youths need protection. They do not have jobs; they are not attending school;
they do not have wives/girlfriends, husbands/boyfriends. They have no reason to
be on the streets causing only problems for our society.

Parents need to show more interest
in the children, care and love them more. We have to interact with them and
help them, not sit back and wait for them to hurt others and very possibly be
injured themselves or live their lives in prison. There has got to be something
that can be done and it needs to be done now!

Government needs to call a state of
emergency immediately, place these individuals under house arrest with GPS
tracking devices to reside with their parents or in a safe house. By doing this
we will only be protecting the citizens of these Islands and protecting them as

I am appealing to everyone to
please do their part to make Cayman a safer place again. Do not be afraid.
Please let us do something, Cayman, to stop the violence. We must not wait for
another incident, a task force needs to be formed, these persons identified and
put in a place where they cannot cause any harm or be harmed.

Thank you for playing your part in
this very challenging situation.

Dora Ebanks

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  1. Cayman better take heed from concerned citizens like this and get the crime problem under control.
    People (like me) read your news in real time via RSS feeds, so nothing goes unnoticed.
    Your country is competing for increasingly scarce tourism dollars, and crime is one of the biggest deterrents to visitation.
    I have been visiting Cayman about twice a year for the last ten years, but am seriously considering other alternatives due to the crime I read about.
    Less tourism equals a weaker Cayman economy, fewer jobs, and more crime. It’s up to the public to decide what they want.
    Please, do not follow the ways of the US inner cities and fail to report crime or the perpetrators. You are only hurting your own beautiful country in the long run.