Codes collide for co-ed battles

Local netball moves forward next
month with another local competition.

The Cayman Islands Netball
Association is inviting all current and potential clubs along with corporate
and government departments and individuals to participate in the 2010 mixed
league. The competition will centre on corporate and club sides and cater to
both men and women.

The league is set to start on 28
August and has been revamped to encourage more people of varying backgrounds
and playing levels to either make a team or join a current club. To cater to
the different playing levels, the mixed league will be split into two
divisions, a corporate and a club league.

The corporate division will be a
fun or social affair for those people who used to play or who have never played
and just want to get together with their co-workers and have a relaxed time.
Playing rules will be adjusted slightly for this division.

For the corporate division teams
must be made up of current employees of an organisation with a maximum of 15
players per team. At least four of the players must be male. Three men must be
on court at all times and can only play the following positions: goalkeeper,
centre and goal shooter.

In the club division, all netball
association rules will apply as this division will be more competitive and
serve as a pre-season competition for local teams getting ready for the
2010-2011 national league in November. 

Competition on the court in the
club division is expected to be fierce as the seasoned female veterans will
likely team up with male counterparts from the various basketball leagues in

The league also caters to
individuals who would like to play netball but don’t have a team as well. With
the competition having a player limit of 15 players per team, the hope is that
all extra people available will join up together to form a team to participate.

The registration fee is CI$25 per
person. Anyone interested in entering a team in the competition should contact
Norma Ferryman on 916-1944 or email [email protected] or Lyneth Monteith
at [email protected] The association website will be up shortly and netball
fans can look out for coming online soon.