Dub poetry and art exposition takes to the stage

A Dub Poetry and Art Exposition,
set up by Erc productions in association with Vibe 98.9, Represent, plans to
make a huge impact on its opening night, Saturday, 3 July. The show will also
be filmed as a television series to be aired in the near future.

The first evening of this free,
weekly event will kick off at 7pm, at the Overtime Sports Lounge (formerly
Jillian’s), with a dynamic gathering of entertainers, including poets Rabia Hakim,
Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette and Caymanian rappers/poets Jeremy “Bublz” Josephs,
and Jay Kidd. Saturday’s show will also feature a special performance by local
singer Sarah Alicia, who has just released her first album, Free in Love, and
the music video for her hit song, 16.

Represent, unlike most social
activities right now, hopes to inspire a positive change among local youths by
providing young adults with a creative outlet for freedom of expression through
the arts.

Given the number of budding poets
and rappers on Grand Cayman, organisers noted that there is a real underground
poetry culture right now that they want to bring to the forefront so that more
young adults could become involved and invest their energies in the arts
instead of violence.

Organisers said that all Represent
performances would be filmed for airing so that they could reach a wider

“The audience will play a vital
role in the production, as it is the audience who will select the winning poet
for each show,” said Erc production’s founder, Elizabeth Charles.

Future shows will feature artists
such as Gordon Solomon and Al Ebanks and musicians from the I Am band alongside
DJ YoYo, who is the house DJ.

Tapping into a wealth of local
talent of emerging and established artistes, organisers said that the shows
would also include special performances by established local singers such as
Lonnie love and KK Alese, as well as a performance by guest artist, Bahamian
musician and poet, Manafest.