Host your own World Cup party

The entire island has World Cup
fever – and the best way to cool down the heat of the competition is with a
World Cup-inspired bash.

No matter what team your friends
and family members are supporting, they will all be fans of these simple summer
recipes and party tips.

Get in the Game

Start your party off on the right
foot with what everyone has been waiting for: the football match.

Set up your TV in a large, central
location where everyone who is interested in really watching can get a good
view of the action.

Also make sure that there are
plenty of small tables scattered around the room for people to rest, have
drinks and snacks.

To get your home looking the part,
festoon your walls with as many flags as you can, and invite your guests to
wear their favourite team’s colours and paint their faces.

Vuvuzuelas, however, are not

Food, Drink, Football

Finger foods are best for group
gatherings to watch the game.

You have two options when choosing
what to make for game day: stick with classic favourites, or try to make a
traditional food from each of the countries playing.

Either way, make sure that plenty
of napkins and plates are on-hand, and that your cooler is always filled with
ice-cold drinks.

When choosing bagged chips to
supplement your snack supplies, choose salty chips that will go well with sodas
and beers.

After the Game Ends

Just because the game is over
doesn’t mean your party is. Take your guests outside for a change of scenery
and for a chance to cool off from the heat of the competition.

Play some music (perhaps Waka Waka
by Shakira or Waving Flag by K’naan) to keep the mood alive and to help guests
wind down.

Even encourage your guests to stay
in the game by busting out a soccer ball. This will also be a great hit with
any youngsters in attendance.


Vuvuzelas: not required.
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