Gerrard is no angel either

Ron’s Rant

My prediction at the start of the
World Cup was that England would go out in the quarter-finals, so I was almost
right. Put a serious wager on it but now Ladbrokes are $4 richer. I knew they
were poor, but didn’t expect such an alarming surrender to the Germans. 

The rumour mill is rife that
England’s lamentable performance is partly because Steven Gerrard is involved
in a sex scandal that when revealed will make John Terry’s recent appalling
behaviour look saintly in comparison. Apparently, JT wanted Gerrard stripped of
the England captaincy because of it. They allegedly hate each other and there
is a definite north-south divide in the England camp. Nothing new then.

Ashley Cole was one of the few
Englishmen to return with any credit but the fact that he texted friends to say
that he hates England and all the people does not exactly endear him to the
average Joe, especially the ones who saved for years and spent their
hard-earned cash to cheer him on so miserably in South Africa.

No wonder Cole is receiving death
threats. He should be made to watch his side’s performance repeatedly on DVD.
Excruciating, yes, but no more than he deserves.

England players always moan that
they get a raw deal from the media and unappreciative fans. Now that’s a

My most enjoyable moment so far in
the World Cup – and there have been few because the overall standard has been
mediocre – is Carlos Tevez’s rocket against Mexico. Okay, his first goal was
clearly offside, but he more than made up for it with that blaster. (He must
have been watching me play at the King’s Sports Centre.)

Argentina and Spain were my picks
to get to the final at the start of the tournament and with another king’s
ransom of $4 on each that could mean I’ll be the envy of Cayman’s hedge fund
bankers come 11 July.

Messi still has to score but at
least he’s shown some quality form. Take note Rooney who booked his holiday in
Barbados even before England were out of the tournament.