Net News publisher dies

at the Cayman Net News say the newspaper will continue to print following the
death of publisher Desmond Seales 
on Saturday.

Seales, 71, passed away in a Miami Hospital early Saturday morning. He had been
airlifted to hospital in Miami on 23 June and underwent emergency heart surgery
the following day.

members at the newspaper, who held a meeting Saturday afternoon after news of
Mr. Seales’ death reached them, said that the paper would continue to publish
and would be available three times a week, with the next edition appearing on
Wednesday, 7 July.

to statements released on the Net News website, Mr. Seales had been treated for
a “leaky valve” in his aorta and doctors had initially been pleased with his

Al Ebanks, a close friend of Mr. Seales, said in a statement: “Our thoughts and
prayers are with Mr. Seales’ family, employees and friends during this
difficult time.”

an emailed statement, Premier McKeeva Bush said: “The UDP extends condolences
to his wife and children.”

those who have paid tribute to Mr. Seales was politician Alden McLaughlin who
said he and the publisher disagreed about many things, but he was a good friend
who had been “a unique and often controversial figure in Cayman for most of his
four decades here”.

shall remember him for his courage, his determination, his resilience,
innovation and vision. But I shall remember him best for his passion and his
love for this, his adopted country. Despite his many setbacks in life and
despite his faults and failings, Desmond Seales has made an immense
contribution to the growth and development of Cayman society.

will miss him much. Cayman will miss him greatly,” Mr. McLaughlin said.

Seales had been involved in publishing and media in the Cayman Islands for some
40 years, starting with the Nor’wester magazine in the 1970s.

set up the Net News as an online publication in 1999 and launched it in print
the following year.

summer marked the 10th anniversary of the print edition of the Cayman Net News,
which in June launched a new format.

Arrangements for Mr. Seales’ funeral are being finalised, a family friend
said on Saturday.



  1. My condolences are extended to Desmond’s wife, family and friends.
    Whilst he was certainly a local media personality and advocate for freedom of the press, we may never now understand his often ‘querysome’ methodologies or motivations.

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