Teen robbery suspects head to grand court

Four teenagers accused in a June
pizza shop robbery, and another charged in a recent shooting appeared in
Summary Court on Tuesday.

Their attorneys agreed to
short-form preliminary inquiries so that their clients could appear in Grand
Court for the new session which begins Wednesday. All remained in custody
pending the mention of their matters in the higher court.

Four of the defendants are charged
with the robbery at Domino’s Pizza in Savannah on 3 June. They are all 17:
Anastasia Anasia Watson, Julissa Monique Avila, Addie Shanice Haylock and Ariel
Rendie McLaughlin. They are accused of stealing $366 and two litres of soda and
using force against two members of staff at the time of doing so.

The matter first came to court on
23 June. Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale asked the Crown then to get the
necessary papers to defence attorneys so that the inquiry could go ahead. This
week she thanked Crown Counsel Jenesha Simpson for moving swiftly. She said
this showed a preliminary inquiry bundle could be prepared in two weeks.

The other teenager, Justin Devon
Manderson, appeared on a separate matter. Details of the charges against him
are that he unlawfully attempted to murder Andy Barnes in the vicinity of
Kelly’s Bar, West Bay, on the evening of 24 June and that he was in possession
of an unlicensed firearm, a pistol.

Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson
applied for bail for the 18-year-old, but was refused. The magistrate said he
had the right to appeal her decision to Grand Court. She then asked why the
preliminary inquiry could not go ahead.  Ms Simpson explained that the
necessary papers had not yet been typed up. Mr. Samson confirmed he was happy to
accept photocopies of handwritten documents and the inquiry proceeded on that

Charges of robbery and attempted
murder can be dealt with only in the Grand Court.