Flowers $30k for Sunrise

ever-popular Flowers One Mile Sea Swim continued into its 18th year on last
month. It remains Cayman’s biggest sporting event and once again generated a
lot of interest and good vibes. 

largest yet, the event boasted 829 registered swimmers and over 100 walkers. As
the event grows from strength it has truly become a community effort. Event
coordinator Dara Flowers-Burke said: “We are so pleased by the continued
community support of the Flowers Sea Swim. We have participants from all over
the globe, but we are especially pleased with the level of support we get from
our residents, including swimmers, walkers, volunteers, the Government and
local companies.”

proceeds from the Flowers Sea Swim are contributed towards a local charity, and
for the second year, Flowers supported the Sunrise Adult Training Centre.

we pick a different charity every year, but last year we fell in love with the
Sunrise centre and its purpose, and felt that we had to have them onboard again
this year,” Flowers-Burke said. 

Sunrise Centre provides opportunities for adults with disabilities to learn the
skills they need to become responsible, productive and fully functioning
members of the community.

Gordon, the centre’s director, is ecstatic to have the Flowers Sea Swim’s
support, “The Centre is funded by government for basics but relies heavily on
community support to provide the resources needed to operate across a very wide
spectrum of need in the community,” Gordon said.  
“We are honoured to once again have the Flowers Sea Swim’s support.  The exposure we get from the event goes a
long way to creating awareness within our community and the financial aid will
help us move toward realizing our long needed objective of having a purpose
built facility.”

were also really excited this year to have several clients assist Flowers in
prerace preparations such as medals. Several clients and staff members
participated on the day in the Walk and Watch Race, as well as in the swim itself.
One of our clients who is quite a great swimmer, Andrew Smilley, even received
a special award for his continued contribution towards Swimming in Cayman.”

US$30,000 raised by the event will be used towards Sunrise’s goal of getting a
new purpose built facility. Flowers Swim Race founder Frank Flowers, has taken
the contribution a step further by committing to donate to the Sunrise project
all of the building materials that The Flowers Group manufactures, such as
concrete blocks, pavers and Styrofoam products.

role that Sunrise plays in our society is essential. I am not going to stop
until we achieve the goal of them having a new purpose built facility. You can
quote me on that.”