Letters to the Editor: Document gives us freedoms and responsibilities

is my pleasure on this Constitution Day to express my support for the first
Constitution Week observance in the Cayman Islands and to encourage wide
participation in its celebration.

introduction of the new Cayman Islands Constitution on 9 November, 2009,
followed democratic, free and fair elections and Cayman’s first national
referendum. Fittingly that was to enable the electorate to decide on this very

that exercise of freedom was only one of the possibilities that lie in the
hands of the people, which is why I also remind you that a key word – responsibility
– balances the popular word – freedom – for indeed, the two concepts must go
hand in hand!

from all I have witnessed during my brief time here so far, I am confident that
these Islands have a positive and prosperous future in store. 

am confident in saying this because, in spite of the economic constraints that
continue to affect everyone, I have been impressed by the calibre and commitment
of those nominated and appointed to the constitutional commissions and other

have had the pleasure of working alongside your elected leaders as well as the
constitution commissioners and other officials. And whether it is they or the
Electoral Boundaries Commission, the National Security Council, the Constitution
Secretariat, or civil servants in general, I can see that many talented and
dedicated individuals are hard at work on your behalf. 

it is good that they are, for they are ensuring that the groundwork is being
carried out to realise the provisions of the Constitution, from government
accountability to human rights, all of which are designed to help ensure a
positive future for these islands.

even more significantly, I have come to know and appreciate the generosity,
friendliness, resilience and resourcefulness of the people of Cayman. Characteristics
which will, I know, help ensure that the future is bright.

would therefore like to applaud the diligence and commitment of all involved,
especially those citizens who actively demonstrate an interest in this most
important governing document, the Constitution. The promotion and understanding
of public ownership of the Constitution is vital, especially in terms of transparency
and proper checks and balances.

I encourage you to continue to learn about your Constitution and support the
work of the new commissions and other bodies; without your input, they cannot
do their job effectively; and in supporting them you will bring the government
closer to you, the people.

to all involved in this special week of appreciation and celebration of the new
Constitution. I look forward to an informative, interactive and stimulating
Constitution Week 2010.