Letters to the Editor: In memoriam of Desmond Seales

Over the last four decades, Desmond
and I have shared many experiences, both personal and business related and in
all of our encounters he was always interesting and highly motivated.

Desmond always had an opinion on everything
and everyone and was passionate about all things Caymanian, for which I had the
utmost respect. I did not always agree with his principles, but he always had
his reasons to stand by his particular viewpoint.

He was an extremely political man
and although his views often resulted in him being involved in a lot of
difficult situations, he was not afraid to voice his opinion and back it with
some serious arguments.

He always produced first class
publications and whatever he did; he did with style and quality.

Although we were in competition in
the news and media business, we did sit down a couple of times a year for lunch
or a coffee and discuss principles and topical issues that involved the local
media and the Cayman Islands community generally. He was a fighter and managed
to persevere in extreme difficulties; some of which were of his own making, but
he was a worthy competitor.

With boundless energy and honest
enthusiasm Desmond’s efforts thrust the Cayman Islands into the international
spotlight. His single hand has played more of a role in promoting the Cayman
Islands than many can truly appreciate.

I had unfortunately made
arrangements to be off island this weekend before I knew of Desmond’s death and
funeral arrangements.

Cayman Free Press will be
represented by a number of staff who have worked for Desmond in the past. I often
joked with Desmond that he was Cayman Free Press’s best recruitment agent as he
had a knack for finding talented people.

I will miss him in the years to
come, as somebody to bounce off the many frustrations that we have mutually
faced in the local media business and as a personality that always made his own
colourful impact on the news.

I offer my sincerest condolences to
his family, friends and his staff. 

“For in that sleep of death what
dreams may come,

When we have shuffled off this
mortal coil,

Must give us pause; there’s the

That makes calamity of so long

William Shakespeare

My dear colleague, I bid you

Brian Uzzell


  1. The man leaves behind an interesting legacy but it certainly doesn’t include a lack of passion. Seales was certainly a Cayman mover and shaker and he has employed half the island. You can’t knock his tenacity or his ability to find exceptional staff.

    Rest in peace Desmond Seales.

  2. Mr. Seales is survived by his fourth wife, Suzan, and their daughter, Danielle; his daughter Nathania by his second wife; two sons Jordan and Matthew by his third wife. He also leaves behind, three children from his first marriage in Trinidad, six grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and several sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his loving mother, Beatrice, who never knew he was still alive.

    A copy of this is being sent to every major news source. Truthfulness in journalism: that will be the legacy of Desmond Seales, when this is printed.

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