Lionistic year starts in church

Lions family started its new Lionistic year’s activities by participating in
the Elmslie Memorial United Church service in George Town on Sunday, 4 July.

Lions contingent was warmly welcomed by the Reverend Dave Hazle and the rest of
the congregation. Mr. Hazle’s sermon, Be Prepared for the Unexpected Hour,
encouraged all present to be proactive and to be ready at all times.

said everyone, including the Lions, should be ready to act when called upon and
not live in fear of the unexpected.

biblical examples of people who were called upon to do the unexpected were also
offered by the reverend, who added that because these individuals were prepared
and trusted God, they were able to deal with the situation at hand.

the end of the service, the reverend, along with members of the congregation,
spent some time with the Lions, commending them on their many contributions to
the community over the years, as well as encouraging them to continue in

Wiltshire, president of the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens, said the Lions
would truly embrace the message of the sermon and promised to be prepared for
the unexpected. She added that her theme of Reaching Out and Touching our
Community Through Service speaks to the topic, and she hoped that her club
would touch many who are in need and may not be expecting to
be touched.