The World Cup runneth over

Online Poll

A little more than half of the 371
respondents to last week’s online poll say they have either
watched quite a bit of the World Cup football tournament or as much as they
possibly could.

The month-long tournament, which
takes place every four years, ends on Sunday when the Netherlands takes on
Spain for the title of world’s best.

The largest segment of respondents,
133 people or 35.9 per cent, said they had watched as much as they possibly

“I watched every single game,” said
one person.

“The whole World Cup should be a
public holiday,” said another person.

“Great stuff, even with the
refereeing errors,” said someone else. 

Fifty-eight people, 15.6 per cent,
said they had watched quite a bit of the World Cup so far.

“It’s hard not to,” said one
person. “It’s on everywhere!”

Another 104 people, 28 per cent,
said they had
watched a little bit.

“I can’t take the noise that those
vuvuzelas are making,” said one respondent. “By halftime I have a splitting
headache. I would watch more if it wasn’t for the noise.”

“Too much hype,” said someone else.

“Frankly, I’ll be glad when it’s
over,” said another person.

Fifty-nine people, 15.9, responded
“What’s the World Cup” to the question.

“OK, I know what it is, but I did
not watch at all,” said one respondent. 

“When does real football start?”
asked someone else.

Seventeen people, 4.6 per cent,
said they were saving themselves for the final.

Next week’s question:

How much do you support the National Conservation Law?

I support it 100%

I support most of it

I support half of it

I support just a little of it

I don’t support it at all

I don’t know.



  1. It has been great but would have been a whole lot better if we could have watched it on ESPN!!! Reception, commentators, half-time, I could go on and on. What a difference between the coverages.

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