Fidel Castro sighted

Cuban media reported Sunday that former President Fidel
Castro has made his first public appearance since he left office in 2006.

The 83-year-old Castro visited a scientific research
facility on Wednesday and greeted members of the staff, the Havana Times said

The Times said the visit was first reported in the
newspaper Juventud Rebelde. CNN said pro-government blogger Rosalia Baez wrote
that eight photos of the visit were posted on the state-run media Web site.

Castro stepped aside to undergo intestinal surgery in 2006,
but remains the boss of Cuba’s Communist Party. His brother, Raul, was elected
president two years later.

Times said Castro’s appearance and the recent announcement that 52 political
prisoners would be released would “no doubt fuel speculation as to whether the
leader is considering a return to the limelight.”

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro
Photo: File