WEE Care director passes

Esther Hinds returned to her home in Grand Cayman after serving more than 30
years as preschool director for the First Baptist Church of Kenner, Louisiana,
she chose to continue working with young children and their families as the
director of the First Baptist Church’s WEE Care Centre.

was a definite calling for her,” said First Baptist Church Senior Pastor
Thabiti Anyabwile. “It would be no exaggeration to say there are hundreds of
families in Cayman and elsewhere who have been blessed and touched by Mrs.

played a part in the lives of so many children and families locally and abroad,
the unexpected passing of Mrs. Hinds on Sunday, 11 July, due to lung and liver
complications has left many grieving the loss of such a vital member of the
community and First Baptist congregation.

am totally floored,” said Vanessa Hansen, a WEE Care parent. “Miss Esther was
so loving and so loved. I feel terrible for the teachers today who have to put
on a brave face.”

Hinds spent the past 14 years as WEE Care director, a job that Pastor Anyabwile
said she lived for.

woke up every morning with the joy of being the WEE Care director,” he said,
adding: “Mrs. Esther was past retirement age, and yet she was here every day.”

news of Mrs. Hinds’ passing was equally hard on the members of the First
Baptist Church in Kenner:

was the best preschool director,” said Faye Wright, church financial secretary
and a Preschool Ministry of First Baptist Kenner parent. “We loved Mrs. Esther.
She was very gracious and she was very loving.”

Whitehorn worked with Mrs. Hinds in the First Baptist Kenner preschool from
1977 to 1996, and said that they had shared many experiences together.

were really very close. Not only did we work together, we trained together, we
taught people’s children,” she said, adding that: “She was a dear, dear friend
and one of the most compassionate people I think I ever knew.”

Whitehorn said that the Louisiana congregation sorely missed Mrs. Hinds after
she chose to return to Grand Cayman.

she left the church it was a big loss,” she said.

Whitehorn was also there for Mrs. Hinds after her second husband was killed in
a tragic accident.

was with her through all that,” she said. “We were just really close.”

Anyabwile cited Mrs. Hinds’ perseverance in the face of such great losses as a
testament to her love and faith.

Esther was a faithful saint who had a deep faith in the Lord Jesus,” he said.
“It showed in how much she loved her boys, who she raised alone after her
husbands died.”

Hinds is survived by her four sons – John, Clive, Thomas, and Phillip – and ten


Esther Hinds
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  1. As a parent of two children that have gone to Wee Care I am saddened by Miss Esther’s sudden death. She was always friendly and caring and concerned for my childrens welfare and development. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and her staff at Wee Care.

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