Wilsons’ show was rippling

fans got a treat recently when the sport’s premier promoter on the island Tiger
Wilson, put on another excellent show with his wife Susan.

Saturday 26 June, the Cayman Islands hosted the IFPA/NANBF Universe Muscle
Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Championships featuring athletes from the
USA, Jamaica, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Guyana and the Cayman Islands. 

$15,000 in cash prizes were awarded. It should be noted that all athletes who
participated in the event were subjected to intense drug testing prior to and
after the competition. In addition to the many overseas athletes at the
championships, there were also many visitors who came to Cayman just to attend
the event.

prejudging for all classes took place on Saturday morning and was intense, with
the judges finding themselves challenged because of the great quality of the
athletes on stage. Every athlete pushed themselves to the ultimate level just
to make the finals that were held later in the evening.

the inclement weather, the Lions Centre came alive when all of the athletes
appeared on stage to participate in the national song, immediately following
which Susan Wilson gave the opening remarks and declared the start of the

first set of men to hit the stage were the professionals or the ‘Big Guns’.
This group of 10 were vying for the coveted title of Mr. Universe.  As these natural professional athletes hit
the stage the crowd went wild, shouting and cheering them on. Each athlete performed
a posing routine, allowing them to display their artistic abilities as well as
their fine physiques. They were brought back on stage to go through the
muscularity rounds and comparisons. 

time progressed muscles became bigger, harder and more ripped and the audience
was kept in anticipation of who would triumph in the end. After the dust
settled it was Ben Tennessen from the USA who walked away the victor.  He displayed a compact physique, with good
density and a lot of detail to his body. In second place was Richard Scotchman
of Jamaica, the defending champion from 2009. His excellent symmetry tied in
with his small waistline, good back and ripped shoulders. 

place went to Henry ‘Robo Cop’ Graham of Jamaica, who came into the competition
ripped to the bone. He displayed one of the largest backs on the stage and
edged Panexce Pierre from the USA who displayed a full chest and ripped
abdominals, into taking fourth place. 
Wil Usher of the USA would round out the top 5 after a dynamic posing

the amateur bodybuilding Men’s Short Class took to the stage there was a look
of determination and conviction in their eyes as each one of them was
determined to win this class and to go after the professional card in the final

went through two rounds in the war of muscles, performing quarter turns and
muscularity rounds. After the battle, one of Cayman’s finest, Lennox Seymour,
who showed off a balanced, compact and striated physique, would be named the
winner of this class, followed by Prince Kennedy Nwampa of Nigeria in second.
Nwampa showed great improvement in his physique compared to his initial attempt
at the sport just a year ago and came in shape enough to push another of
Cayman’s budding bodybuilders, Rad Sorin, into third place.  This was Rad’s first time competing in
bodybuilding and judging by his ripped and well conditioned physique, combined
with his flexibility, there is no doubt that he will go far in this sport. His
routine comprised the most difficult of all the routines seen at the
championship, courtesy of his back ground as a gymnastics instructor. Fourth
went to Jaeson Magnus of Jamaica.

the amateur bodybuilding Men’s Tall Class, the judges were faced with another
tough group to judge. David Kaye from the UK displaying a sharp, muscular and
striated physique, was able to hold off his competition and clinch the first
place position, pushing Dwight Campbell from Jamaica, into second. 

had great symmetry and good muscle tone. Fellow Jamaican Kurt Dunn, who also
showed improved in his physique since last year’s competition, came in much
sharper than before, and was able to hold on to the third place position while
fourth place went to Robbie Bryant of the USA. Bryant’s sharpness and quality
muscle certainly makes him look more like a teenager than a 52-year-old!

Masters Over-50 Men’s Class and the Sub-Master’s Class hit the stage next to
show off their muscles. For anyone in the audience who was thinking that they
were too old to begin a fitness routine, these men were living testimony that
it’s never too late. First place went to Bryant who displayed a sharp physique.
Campbell dominated the Sub-Master class, with Nwampa in second.  

was then time for the final showdown of the night when the winners of each of
the amateur classes, namely Lennox Seymour and David Kaye, had to battle it out
between themselves to determine the overall best athlete of the NANBF Universe
Muscle Classic.  After competing against
each other in the symmetry and muscularity rounds, Kaye emerged as the Overall
Winner.  Pending the results of the mandatory
drug testing, he will be awarded with a pro card.

Wilson said: “The organising committee would like to extend a very special
thank you to the sponsors of this event, the majority of them having been
involved from the very first championships that were held here in 2003. “The
main sponsors of this year’s event were: The Department of Tourism,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Ministry for Sports, Johnson Smith Associates,
Webster’s Tours, Andy’s-A-Car and Comfort Suites Hotel. Thank you all. Without
your support this event would not have been possible.  Appreciation awards were presented to all

Cayman’s Top pro bodybuilder and a former world champion, added that it was an
honour and a privilege to host such a prestigious championships.  He said that there were a lot of people from
overseas who came to see the championship, despite the rain.

would like to thank the overseas athletes and their friends and family and also
our locals who made the championships a success. These championships have great
future potential for the Cayman Islands.”


Kaye receives his trophy from organiser Tiger Wilson.
Photo: Submitted