Work permit lost for $14.53

An expatriate worker lost her right
to continue working in Cayman after stealing groceries worth $14.53.

She was also fined $100.

Kerrian Nadine Robinson, 34,
pleaded guilty last week to stealing the items from Foster’s Food Fair at
Airport Park on 18 March. They included a ham and cheese sandwich, a roast beef
and cheddar sandwich, a package of chicken feet, onion, green pepper
and thyme.

After ascertaining that Robinson
was here on a work permit, Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale asked her,
“Why would you throw it away for $14? What are your chances of getting your
permit renewed? None!”

The magistrate pointed out that
Robinson had to get a clean police record from her native country in order to
come here. “Doesn’t that tell you something? It tells you they don’t want
people here who are criminals. In the law, a person who steals is a
criminal.”  Questioned further, Robinson
said she had children in another country whom she supported with wages earned here.

“You take the bread from their
mouth,” the magistrate told her. The consequences of a conviction are enormous,
she continued, because the expatriate offender loses the ability to work in
Cayman and take care of their children at home. “I think it’s a terrible
price to pay.”

Crown Counsel Jenesha Simpson
provided a summary of facts, which indicated that Robinson had gone into the
store with a large red and white handbag. She placed the items in the bag and
then left the store without paying for them. She was followed by a loss
prevention officer, who approached her outside and subsequently called police.

Robinson was on permit to work in a
beauty salon as a nail technician.


  1. How sad for this woman, but obviously, she was desperate. The minimum wage in Cayman is much too low — no-one can live on these wages. What do you do when you are starving with no food in your cupboard? Yes, stealing is wrong, but if you are starving, what are your choices? As the economy worsens, crime will go up. Guaranteed.

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