Silva furious at Sonnen taunts

Since Chael Sonnen’s title bout
with Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva was announced, the American has used his verbal
skills to get inside Silva’s head. Using Twitter and interviews, Sonnen has
derided Silva, his camp and his opponents.

The two are matched on UFC 117 in
Oakland, California on 7 August in another defence of the Brazilian champion’s
UFC middleweight belt.

Until now, Silva had taken the
ribbing in stride, but in an interview with Brazilian news outlet Tatame, he
finally fired back. “What he’s saying is disrespecting me; he’s disrespecting
me and all opponents I’ve faced. Dan Henderson, in my opinion, is the best
wrestler that there is out there on MMA.”

Silva went on to mock Sonnen’s
one-time career path of politics. Sonnen was in the Oregon state Senate race
earlier this year, but dropped out because of an undisclosed legal issue. 

“Do you want to be a politician, or
do you wanna be a fighter or you want to be a gangster,” Silva said. “I chose,
for myself, being a fighter. If I wasn’t a fighter, I’d be a cop, and on that
case it’d be a serious problem, because you’re a gangster and I’m a cop. Well,
I’m a fighter and you yet don’t know what you are, you’ll still choose what
you’ll be.”

Trash talking is par for the course
in building up a title bout, but in the past, Silva has taken the talk

Before his bizarre match with
Demian Maia in April, Silva was offended by some of the things his opponent
said. This led to Silva yelling at Maia during the bout, calling him a playboy
and asking where his jiu-jitsu was.

It’ll be interesting to see how
Silva reacts to Sonnen’s comments when they finally face off.