LeBron scores $50m crib

A popular joke among NBA folks is
that with all the angst LeBron James has created among people this summer,
he’ll have to comfort himself on his gigantic bed of money.

And according to Life and Style
Magazine that money will have quite a bit of room for a closet of cash as well.
The magazine reports that James is finishing paperwork on buying his new home
in Coral Gables for the very reasonable price tag of $49.5 million. The
eight-bedroom mansion features a 12 camera security system, a guest suite with
a tennis court, and a gym inside the master bedroom. Because really, if you
want to get in some reps, you don’t want to go through the effort of walking

The beachfront house used to be
owned by Pat Riley, president of Miami Heat, continuing the theme of Riley
glad-handing James whatever he wants or needs to smooth the way for his
transition to Miami.

It’s good to know that in these
troubled times, some people with a $110m contract, are still getting by with
the essentials. Like a beachfront house with a gym in the bedroom.