Google now hosting LIME

Google is now hosting LIME’s email

The partnership will provide access
to email and new portal features. Over the past few weeks LIME residential
internet customers have been moved across to the new platform. 

“We are giving our customers access
to web based services and apps that they previously didn’t have access to on
our old email platform,” said LIME General Manager Anthony Ritch. “Our
customers will now be able to collaborate on documents, calendars and email with
the entire Google community. 

“Another great advantage is that
wherever they are in the world they will be able to check their mail over the
web with IMAP software (Outlook) or with a mobile device like the Blackberry –
all synchronized. 

“Lastly our customers will retain
their existing email addresses. Many of our customers love their
address and don’t want to lose it, and I’m also pleased about that.”

The new portal gives each customer
7 gigabytes of email storage, a 65-fold increase over the current 10 megabyte
basic package, meaning customers can now save their emails for as long as they

With access to Google Docs,
customers can share and collaborate on online documents with others across the
globe. Using Google chat, customers can talk online to their family and
friends, and using Google calendar, they can schedule meetings, share calendars
and set reminders that can be sent straight to their mobile phone.  

“There are so many new features for
customers to explore and a great Google Apps Help Centre, which walks them
through how to use the applications or they can simply watch the video to see
how Google apps can help them communicate more effectively,” said Mr. Ritch.