Letters to the Editor: Caymanians dying too young

As we listen to the news on the
radio and read it in the papers, all we can hear is this young Caymanian or
that has passed away very young.

My people, it led me to write this
letter as a wakeup call island-wide. This little Island seems to be out of
control; more and more young people are turning to crime and are going to jail
or to the graveyard.

We are so quick to blame the
parents but not the system that we have in place here that has taken the power
from parents to raise their children with respect and the use of the rod. Now
we find that children are out of control and dying young and fast.

Look around. Don’t you see what is
going on? The answer is not more police, more security guards or prisons. If
the leaders don’t know how to help fix this, they all need to step down and the
people of this country need to change direction before it is really too late.

Now I have compiled a list of
Caymanians just from Bodden Town that as we say here in Cayman, they died so,
so young.

Many died foolishly. Now if this
trend was to continue for the next 25 years or so, grandparents and parents
putting their grandchildren and children in the grave, soon and very soon there
will not be any real Caymanians left around on these Islands.

Now when we look at the hospitals
and compare the births of new Caymanians with the deaths of Caymanians, those
that are going to the graves are out pacing those that are being born. Now I am
asking all young Caymanians to please slow your race to die young.

I know that  you are having it pretty hard, but try and
turn more to God and to your parents even though your parents are all having it
hard at this time at least the poor ones. Pressure the Government to put in
place programmes like trade schools and other educational programmes that will
help keep our young children from the hands of the devil.

Government needs to stop spending
the children’s money on travel, trips and other foolish things. If you do not
put in place the different programmes along with employment, room and board and
more; more crime will engulf this Island and more young children will die or go
to prison. Wake up Cayman. The hand writing is on the wall. Read it.

Emile Levy