Road paving begins on Brac


Work has begun on repaving Cayman
Brac’s roads for the first time in 30 years.

A new asphalt plant installed on
the Bluff is supplying the material to ‘blacktop’ the island’s roads.

So far, about one and a half miles
of the Brac’s north coast road, starting at Spot Bay Road, has been resurfaced.

Colford Scott, who is in charge of
the new asphalt plant and the resurfacing project, said: “We started work on 30
June. We began at Spot Bay Road on the eastern end of the north coast road and
we’re working our way west.”

There are 50 miles of road in
Cayman Brac, but Mr. Scott said he had not received instructions at this stage
to begin laying asphalt on any other roads on the island other than the one
along the north coast.

Recent weather conditions have
slowed down work and the amount of asphalt being produced by the plant, he

Deputy Premier Juliana
O’Connor-Connolly, who is also minister of district administration, works,
lands and agriculture, joined her ministry’s chief officer, Kearney Gomez,
District Commissioner Ernie Scott and Deputy District Commissioner Mark
Tibbetts for a visit to the asphalt plant site on 30 June.

“This is a momentous day for Cayman
Brac. Our roads were in dire need and even in this stringent economy, this
government managed to find the funds to improve safety and beautify the island.

“An upgraded road infrastructure
supports sectors such as tourism and agriculture. By improving the road network
now, we are positioning the Sister Islands to make a greater impact on the
country’s economic growth,” Ms O’Connor-Connolly said.

Following the plant visit, the
deputy premier and her ministry staff went to Spot Bay where the first layer of
asphalt was to be laid. There, Ms O’Connor-Connolly took over controls of the
paver to start the first stretch. 

The asphalt plant, which cost
between $600,000 and $700,000, was shipped from the US and installed on the
Bluff, off Songbird Road, in April. It is capable of producing 80 tonnes of
asphalt an hour.

Mr. Scott said it had produced
about 2,500 tonnes of asphalt so far to pave the road.

The Terex Magnum 80 drum-mix plant
comes with a control cabin, raw materials, asphalt, fuel tank and heater.

The new road surfaces will be
created using local aggregate and asphalt from Florida.

Cayman Brac’s Public Works
Department and the National Roads Authority are working together on the


Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly takes the controls on the road paver that is resurfacing Cayman Brac’s roads for the first time in 30 years.
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  1. Well done to the Minister. One observation: as the Minister, a better example should be set for Safety as it’s the law. Certainly in other islands the example is set from those at the top.

  2. Well, it looks like Government projects are commencing. These will help with unemployment and by extension, the economy. Unemployed people in Grand Cayman may find themselves seeking employment in the Brac but that will also stimulate business on the Brac. This may also strengthen the relationship. Regardless, it is good to finally see Government stimulus for the economy. Now, can we divest of some of the businesses?
    The hard decision to make now, in my opinion, is the divestment of Government owned businesses with the exception of Cayman Airways. All of the others, Water Authority, Sewage, Postal Services, Tourism Operations at the Port, NRA, PWD, Boatswains Beach, Health Services, UCCI, Northward Prison, Lands and Survey, MRCU, Solid Waste (DEH), Radio Cayman, Vehicles and Drivers License and Vehicle and Equipment Services . First, offer the businesses to the Directors leading them, and I mean give them away, all assets with the exception of the land/property, allow them to operate without a Government property lease for the first 3-4 years to strengthen their financial position. If the Directors refuse them, then offer to the general public, personally I would like to see this limited to young Caymanians age 25-40 to ensure we are creating future Caymanian wealth.
    The divestment will immediately positively impact your operating cost.

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