Young mothers in need of supplies

The Young United Democratic Party
is seeking donations of maternity and baby supplies on behalf of the Young
Parents Programme.

The programme, which offers
assistance and support primarily to young mothers, is in desperate need of
maternity clothes, nursing bras, slippers, baby clothes, bottles, pampers,
cribs, sheets, car seats and books for children and the young mothers
themselves. Gift certificates are also welcomed.

“The YUDP is committed to keeping
this donation drive going for as long as the YPP is in need of the items,” said
YUDP Executive Officer Cindy Adam, explaining that the programme is in constant
need of new supplies.

“These young mothers and their
children are part of the present and future of our country,” said YUDP Legal
Advisor Chanda Glidden, adding: “As responsible citizens, it is our duty to
lead by example in supporting them, whether that means donating funds,
providing mentoring, assisting with job opportunities, providing training or
teaching a special class or workshop.”

The YUDP recently became involved
with the Young Parents Programme when they hosted a special Mother’s Day lunch
for the women in the programme.

“This was an opportunity for us as
young people, and some of us as parents ourselves, to get to know these young
women, allowing us to share our experiences and to offer our resources,” said
Ms Glidden. “Since then, we have been working to build awareness and support
for the programme with the general public.”

Donations may be made at the George
Town MLA Office in Building A, Unit 3 at Cayman Centre.

For more information, or to make a financial donation, contact
either the YUDP at [email protected] or at 943-3338 or the programme directly by
contacting Brenda Dawkins at [email protected] or at 949-0006.