Little interest in National Conservation Law

Online poll

In one of the lowest responses of
any online poll in years, a little more than 70 per cent of the
244 respondents said they either supported all of the National Conservation Law
or they supported most of it. In addition, only four people made any kind of
comment about their response, far fewer than any other poll ever run on

The low number of responses and
comments to the poll question seemed to echo the poor turnouts at the public
consultation meetings held on the National Conservation Law, which, if passed,
could cause sweeping changes to the way land is used and developed in the
Cayman Islands.

The largest segment of respondents,
106 people or 43.4 per cent supported the proposed law fully.  Another 65 people, 26.6 per cent, supported
most of the law.

“I think some of the building
restrictions are too harsh, but we definitely need something in place,” said one

“Can real Caymanians be put on the
list as something to be conserved?” asked someone else.

Nine people – 3.7 per cent – said
they supported half the law.

“It looks like they are taking it a
bit overboard as it stands now,” said one person.

Eleven people – 4.5 per cent – said
they supported a little of the law, and 20 people – 8.2 per cent – said they
didn’t support it at all.  A relatively
high portion of respondents – 33 people or 13.5 per cent – answered “I don’t
know” to the question.

“I’ve never heard of it,” said one

Next week’s poll question:

How many people do you personally
know that have moved away from the Cayman Islands in the last six months?


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