Summer 101 a must-see at The Gallery

Summer 101, the newest art exhibit
presented in The Gallery at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, showcases 101 different
pieces of artwork produced by local talent.

Brought together by Chris Christian
of Cayman Traditional Arts, the exhibit features both established local artists
and with newer up-and-coming artists. The exhibit displays both fine art and
photography pieces in a variety of different mediums.

The artwork reflects summertime in
Cayman through vivid colours, unique textures and familiar subjects. Kerwin
Ebanks’ pieces reflect traditional Caymanian settings, such as his piece
Sat’day Aft’noon, in which two men are skinning fish on the ironshore.

“Sat’day Aft’noon was first
conceived as a drawing in 2003 from sketches in my Life Drawing class at
University of Evansville,” said Mr Ebanks. “I began to develop it as an oil
painting in late 2006 hoping to capture the memory of the iron shore where
Cobalt Coast now stands. I grew up with my family using this site for fishing,
setting fishpots, cleaning fish, collecting whelks, sea grape and cocoplums. I
was dissatisfied with the composition of the piece so I reattempted it in
acrylic and now I feel that I have captured those nostalgic moments.”

The fine artists mostly use acrylic
on canvas, mixed media on canvas and oil on canvas. However, the wonderful
stained glass artwork of Nancy Davey is also showcased.

Also featured are the unique works
of Maureen Lazarus, who used mixed media cut outs of foliage and natural forms
on recycled paper on canvas, as well as monoprints by Megan Compton.

The photography is mostly digital
prints on canvas from local photographers, including Courtney Platt, Aaron Rebercheck
and Rebecca Davidson, but other mediums include exhibition-quality prints by
Allister Clarke, and a print on aluminium by Jim Hellemn. Local favourite Cathy
Church brings the underwater world to life with her dive photography. A particularly
stunning image of hers in the exhibit is one of a silver gelatine print titled
Grotto with One Fish.

“Summer 101 is the latest
collection to grace the walls of The Gallery at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman,
which is proud to showcase the talents of new artists who have never exhibited
before, as well as more established, favoured artists,” said Mr. Christian,
“One hundred and one pieces of fine art and photography to celebrate that
summer feeling – come and experience the colour, the textures and the feelings
of summer even on one of Cayman’s rainier days.”

Each piece of artwork in the
exhibit is for sale, and with The Gallery open 24/7 it offers newer artists an
excellent opportunity for exposure.

“We have a lot of talent on our
shores and it’s only been in recent years that it is getting some the exposure
it needs,” said Simone Scott, who has artwork in the Summer 101 show. “Local
artwork should be showcased not only in galleries, but in businesses, banks,
hotels, law firms and restaurants. Thankfully, this has become more of a norm
nowadays on Grand Cayman, even on Cayman Brac things are changing. This type of
support gives the artists needed encouragement.”

In addition to the Summer
101 exhibit, there will also be a children’s show from 25 September to 8
November. This show will feature the artwork of children taught by Cayman
Traditional Arts. While the children’s artwork will not be for sale, it will
provide an opportunity to see the talent of up to 25 young local artists.
Summer 101 will be on at The Gallery from July until November.


Simone Scott, acrylic on board, “Bird in a Coconut Tree”.
Photo: Submitted